Anti Anxiety Herbs

Anxiety disorders could easily be overcome with these anti anxiety herbs.

Anxiety disorder might not look serious enough but those who suffer from it could attest that it could be an all-consuming condition and not to mention debilitating too.  But the good thing is, this most common conditions that inflict millions of the world’s population is highly treatable.  What’s more, with the right professional help, it is possible to overcome this condition.

There are a number of types of this condition and some of them are Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  Treatment usually includes individual or group therapy and learned relaxation techniques.  However, for some patients, anti-anxiety prescription medication such as  benzodiazepines is also recommended.

However, the risk of most of these medication for Anxiety Disorder are the possible side effects which are inherently addictive which could be the cause of alarm for the patients.  As such the case, many try to look for alternative medications especially in herbal medicines that could deliver the same

Calming effect yet without the risk to dependency on these prescription drugs.

Anti Anxiety Herbs

Valerian root is a strong smelling herb which is used as a sedative.  Because of its calming effect, it is also good in relieving nervous heart palpitations and stress-induced high blood pressure.  It is also good for headaches especially for tension headache types and it is also a remedy for insomnia and depression.  It is more popularly available in tablet form although there are also valerian tea or tincture or extract available in an herb store.  You can also put dried valerian herb in your tub for a relaxing bath or you may opt to boil it and inhale the steam.

Chamomile is the more popular remedy especially when you need to calm or sooth frayed nerves.  It relieves tension, anxiety, insomnia, headache or digestive upset which are more commonly connected with stress or tension.  This tea which is from mild-smelling benign flower of the daisy family have been used my many to sooth their senses especially after a long tiring day.

Unlike valerian which can cause hyperactivity and giddiness when taken in a long term basis, chamomile is considered mild thus it is safe even for kids and even infants.  In oil form, it is used to relax restless kids.  It can be also used to relieve the discomfort of colic, as well as fevers and teething in toddlers.  As a sedative, double-strength chamomile tea provides the desired effect while a warm compress can promote drowsiness and sleep in a person suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Other herbs that could relieve anxiety include passion flower which is good also for hyperactivity, nervous tension and insomnia.  It has the ability also to lower high blood pressure.  Lemon balm on the other hand calms the digestive system and reduce blood pressure as well.  Lavender is a natural relaxant and relaxes the nervous system making it an excellent remedy for panic attacks.

With these anti anxiety herbs, controlling and even treating anxiety disorders are now easier and safer.