Dealing with ADD in a natural way

Attention Deficit Disorder is a behavioral condition that is concerned with the lack of focus and minimal attention span. Sometimes, it is also coupled with extreme hyperactivity, thus other refer to this as ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In the past, many believed that it only afflicts kids and especially boys as it even conjures an image of a boy that has no control and keep on bouncing on the walls. However, this disorder was extensively researched and the result showed that it afflicts not only children of both genders but also adults.

One of the main actions taken to manage the sometimes seemingly uncontrollable actions and behaviour of sufferers is to give proper medication to ease the hyperactivity. Usually, the doctors prescribe methylphenidate (Ritalin). But then, current researches has pinpointed that this same medication has possible serious side effects that could do more harm over time. Especially for children, slowed growth, appetite loss and insomnia would really be a cause of concern. They also discovered that it increases the heart rate and blood pressure plus the threat that the patient could develop Parkinson’s disease.

This alarming news prompted the parents and loved ones to look for alternative ways to manage ADD. Because of this, a resurging interest on herbs for this purpose has been the trend for ADD treatment and management.

To aid you in your search for the best remedy for ADD, look over the following list and try any of it to check its positive benefits.

1. Ginkgo Biloba or Ginkgo is good for the brain’s conditioning as it promotes the better usage of oxygen in the brain. Thus, it develops better cognition and perception as well as improved focus and enhanced memory.

2. California Poppy works on the emotional and psychological aspects by relieving the hyperactivity state. It also attempts to balance the over activity in the nervous system and even decrease the muscle spasms. This is more beneficial for individuals who have trouble sleeping.

3. To promote a relaxed state and therefore manage the moods better, catnip could be of help in this category. As a mild relaxant, it soothes the tension and restlessness that abounds in a person with ADD.

4. Specifically for children, lemon balm is definitely good as a relaxant. It targets the nervous and the digestive system and soothes them to eliminate the anxiety and disturbing behavior.

5. One of the most common remedy for psychological or behavioral disorder is St John’s worth.

It is also the top choice for attention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome. It is especially beneficial to sooth agitation and to manage mood swings better. It is also helpful for it is known to promote positive benefits in cases where the individual feels sadness, anger, embarrassment, loneliness or seclusion, indifference and even low self esteem. This herb is also greatly favored because it is extremely safe even for long term use.

6. For other extreme conditions when disturbing behavior is manifested by restlessness, uneasiness, bad temper and even crying fits, skull cap is the best remedy. It is a good form of sedative for daytime use plus it has no adverse effect like drowsiness. It is also helpful as a muscle relaxant and as a cure for headache.

But then again, before you solely rely on these herbal medications for ADD, take into consideration that the treatment of ADD is better as a holistic approach. Other important factors such as diet and environment play a crucial role. So aside from these natural remedies for ADD, look for complimentary methods to better managed ADD.