Herbs for Hair Loss

There are natural herbs for hair loss that could reverse the process if you act immediately.

Causes of hair loss or thinning hair include stress, hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease, poor nutrition and genetics.  It could also be a result of certain prescription medications or because of medical treatment more specifically, chemotherapy or the treatment of cancer.  However, even if the cause is genetics, hair loss can be prevented using Traditional Chinese Medicine which means, if only people are more aware, there will be less men and women who go bald.

Spanning so many centuries already, the Chinese have discovered many Chinese herbs that promote hair growth and thus have been effective at preventing hair loss.  All these also follow their concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM that involves being able to build blood therefore promoting balanced hormones and restoring Kidney Energy which then directly nourish the blood in the scalp.

In TCM, the hair is believed to be a direct reflection of the Kidney Energy, the Blood and the Liver Energy.  When the blood circulation delivers insufficient amounts of blood, it could result to hair loss.  The liver and the kidney on the other hand play important roles in the flushing out wastes especially toxins from the body.  The condition of the hair follicles depend on blood toxicity thus, higher level of toxicity could lead to unhealthy hair follicles and ultimately hair loss.

Due to these factors, the first thing to do in naturally treating hair loss is ensuring that the quality of blood is maintained through natural herbs like drynaria, sesame, dang gui, lingustrum and fo-ti or he shu wu.  The most important factor though is the immediate intervention or that proper action is done early to limit loss of hair and promote the regrowth of hair the soonest.  Length of treatment is also dependent on the severity of the condition.

Some Natural Herbs for Hair Loss

Polygonum multiflorum he shou wu Fo Ti

This herb is accepted as the best for hair health as it does not only prevent hair loss through promoting healthy hair, it has also the ability to transform grey hair back into black.  This Chinese herb is used as an essence and blood tonic because it cleanses the blood thus it is also not only for restoring the color of hair but also good for nourishing the skin, teeth and nails.

Ganoderma lucidum ling zhi Reishu Mushroom

One of the herbs that has gained popularity recently is the reishi mushroom.  Considered the ultimate herb, ganoderma is best in treating immune disorders but it is also regarded as the best anti-aging herb that’s why this reishi mushroom is also known as the “mushroom of immortality”.

Other Herbs

Thallus algae– kun bu- Seaweed possess minerals that are essential for good health plus beautiful hair, skin and nails while Urtica dioica Stinging nettle is a very nutritious herb that has the necessary minerals for hair growth. Sesame Indicum-hei zhi ma-Black Sesame Seed is a longevity herb that has the essential substances that promotes the healthy growing of hairs and Angelica sinensis – dang gui is known in TCM as an herb for stimulating the Blood and Qi especially if there is blood stagnation due to cold.

But of course, more importantly, a naturally healthy hair starts with healthy habits which include good sleep patterns, regular exercise that includes walking, tai-qi or yoga and well balanced diet of organic foods.

These herbs for hair loss will be more effective if these health habits are practiced and observed.