Natural Remedies For Sinusitus

Sinusitis is one of the ailments that you will wish you never had.  The inconvenience of blocked nasal passages which results to headache and other related symptoms is something that you would not want to be experiencing often.  Yet, sinusitis could be triggered by almost anything thus it is one of the hardest ailments to live with.  If in the past, you are used to reaching out for nasal sprays and medicines that offer either temporary or almost no relief at all, maybe it’s time to check out alternative natural remedies that could do the work that has been promised by most over the counter drugs.

Different Natural Methods for Sinusitis Relief


One of the most common remedies for sinus problems is through clearing the blocked nasal passages through the steam method.  Try to clear out first your nose removing as much as the blocking as possible.  In a small pot, heat water and take it out of the fire after it has completely boiled.  add a few drops of either peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil or sometimes if you can’t hold of either essential oil, Vicks vaporub would do.  Get a towel or a small blanket that is big enough to cover your head and build a sort of tent over the pot.  Inhale the vapors that comes up from the steam.  Continue inhaling until there is no more steam coming out from the mixture.

Salt water Solution

Another popular remedy is a saline solution sinus rinse that has been attested by many to be beneficial.  To take advantage of this method, get a small netipot and mix three parts non iodized salt and one part baking soda in a half cup of warm water.  Bend over the sink and insert the spout of the pot in the right nostril while bending to the left.  This will make the solution flow into your right nostril and out of the left.  Do the same for the other nostril to complete the process stopping and exhaling deeply in between.  Daily routine of saline cleansing will greatly help clear your blocked sinus passages.

Garlic Juice

The smell of garlic would be enough to discourage you to try this method but if you really want to try one of the best natural treatment for your sinus infection, this is the better way because of the garlic’s potent ability to fight off bacterial and viral infections.  Crush the whole garlic bulb to extract garlic juice.  Mix in 2 parts amount of water and store in a jar.  Get an eye dropper and take a few drops of the mixture.  Lie flat on your back and make sure that your nose is clear.  Put about two drops in both nostril with about 2 minutes interval in between application.  Doing this 2-3 times a day is effective in draining your sinuses and preventing blockages.  Although if you can’t take this process, you could also just eat one clove of fresh garlic as a substitute.

Alternatively, you can also go for a diet that is rich in vitamin C to improve your immune system and treat your sinus problem naturally or you can go for herbal tea or a massage which constitute of pressing the small depression in your neck just below the skull.  Pressing this points as deep as you can and rubbing them for about two minutes at anytime throughout the day helps relieve the congestion.

Trying these natural remedies for relief of the irritating sinusitis problem must not replace consulting your doctor though.