Stress and Uterine Fibroid

Occurrence of fibroids in women has been on the rise during the last decade. Yet, the exact cause of fibroids can never be pin pointed with certainty.  Most doctors attribute this to stress. Any stress related ailment is difficult to handle making a fibroid treatment a difficult matter.

Stress has become so much a part of our daily living, almost like the air we breathe. We easily get stressed even with the simplest of reasons. Our frenzied way of life these days combined with toxic stress leads to a number of health issues. Most women has the tendency to consume feel good foods especially if they feel low or stressed out. These include high fat processed foods, sweets and caffeine based items. Coffees contribution to the problem is that it tends to tax our liver which is mainly responsible for metabolizing estrogen in the body. This in turn is said to boost the growth of fibroids. If the liver is unable to eliminate the excess estrogen from the system, then fibroids could develop.

In case stress is one of the contributing factors for fibroids here are some tips to keep in mind during treatment for uterine fibroids.

  1. Target to reduce stress and keep it at bay. Is this not easier said than done? You can begin your uterine fibroid treatment with silent meditation and simple breathing exercises. Start by doing these for 10 to 15 minutes each day. As you realize its benefit you will automatically increase the duration of these exercises aimed at relieving stress.
  2. If you really want to treat uterine fibroids, it is imperative to make some essential changes in your diet. Eating less processed food, red meat and white food is a start. Replace these with organically grown fruits vegetables of which you must take at least 4 to 5 helpings each day. Green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are useful in fibroid cure. The general rule is to include fiber rich organically grown food in your intake as much as possible.
  3. Liver detoxification can also assist in getting rid of fibroids naturally. Acupuncture can help in improving your liver functioning. There are two suggested herbs which are particularly useful in liver cleansing milk thistle and dandelion.

Uterine fibroid treatment requires a holistic approach to eliminate this ailment once and for all. As there is no no single cause yet that could be attributed and identified as the real culprit for fibroids you might need to try different combination of remedies in treatment for uterine fibroids. Natural treatment adopts a multifaceted approach to eliminate each and every probable cause of fibroids systematically.