Homeopathic Remedies for Acne

If you have almost tried everything to treat your acne and it is still a problem, try looking into some homeopathic remedies for acne.

If you heard about the word homeopathy before, it is probably because it’s already an old way of treating an ailment.  The concept of this type of treatment anchors on the theory that the same element or substance that seem to have produce the same symptom of an illness to a healthy person could be used to really cure the said illness.  This is also the underlying principle of vaccine in which, giving small doses of the cause of the illness helps the body easily repair itself and build a strong defense against the illness itself.

The same concept had been tried to cure the annoying and visually unappealing acne.  Here are some of the homeopathic cures that had been tried as remedy.

Some homeopathic remedies for acne

Antimonium tartaricum – This is usually prescribed to people who suffer from inflammatory acne.  They are the types that grow large pustules and which are often tender to the touch and very painful.  If you have this condition, this is the primarily recommended cure for it.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum – If you’ve got one of those pimples that seem to stay on for a long time and takes a long time to heal or they are very painful, then this could be the right cure for that.  It is also good if boils are present or if there is pus.

Calcarea carbonica – If you’re the type who constantly gets an acne break out frequently, then this remedy is for you.  It is also good for some other related skin disorders that are specifically painful.  This is actually recommended for those that need their skin to have increased resistance to diseases.

Silicea – On the other hand, if acne had been almost a lifelong problem for you, then silicea is for you.  Usually, the longer that you are suffering from acne, the deeper the problem is in your skin so this one is specifically to help out those with deeper skin problems to totally eradicate it once and for all.

Pulsatilla – If your acne problem is brought about not by your skin type or genetics but by your poor diet choices, you still have a way to combat them through this homeopathic remedy.  If you are fond of fatty foods such as meat, acne will be the effect of your not so good food choices.  Pulsatilla is also good for those in hot or humid weather which is usually one of the causes of pimple outbreaks.

Sulfur – If your skin is constantly itchy and the result is abnormal looking skin with reddish hues, you might want to try sulfur as a remedy for it.

The trick for homeopathic remedies actually is just to match the specific remedy with the symptoms that you’re having. Homeopathy has usually has little effect on the body so it does not pose any threat for anything harmful.  However, if the symptoms are severe, it is best to consult your physician rather than going for these simple cures as it could be something worse.

Nevertheless, as it is not harmful, homeopathic remedies for acne is worth a try.