Herbal Remedies for Hyperacidity

In the normal body process, acid is secreted to aid in the digestion process because it is instrumental in the breaking down of the food particles in the digestive system process.  However, hyperacidity happens when there is an excessive acid formation of acid in the stomach that it irritates the gastrointestinal lining.  It is usually characterized by a burning sensation which could travel back up into the esophagus which becomes heartburn or a feeling of being frequently hungry or being bloated. Gas formation in the stomach brings stomach upsets and discomfort.

Among the usual causes of hyperacidity is excessive intake of oil-rich and very spicy or alcohol intake and smoking.  Poor eating habits which includes the unusual habit of not chewing food properly or eating in a rush manner or poor diet choices such as excessive red meat and lack of fiber is also one of the major reasons of the onset of this disorder. Some other causes are unhealthy sleeping habits, pregnancy in which the growing baby might be exerting effort on the digestive track or obesity wherein the fat deposits causes the same pressure as that of the baby inside the womb. A major cause of hyperacidity also at this time is the stress and strain that we are challenged in our daily routines.   Some medicines also stimulate the production of stomach acids thus side effects include hyperacidity.

If hyperacidity is not treated properly, it may lead to more serious related problems which includes haemorrhoids or piles or fistula, inability to consume the required food for balanced diet and blood leakage through the stool.  Modern medicine treat hyperacidity with antacids or digestion stimulants.  However, these drugs interfere with the proper digestive system too thus the body is in danger of other serious side effects.  Luckily, there are herbal remedies for hyperacidity which acts very mildly and have the ability to decrease the acidity and gas problems in the stomach reducing the irritation and discomfort.

Herbal Remedies:

  • Carrot and Cabbage juice – Cabbage being a fibrous vegetable has the ability to cleanse the colon and thus is considered good for constipation.  On the other hand, the vitamins in carrots promote the proper functioning of the digestive system and reduces the amount of acids to regular levels.  Make a juice out of 200 grams of each vegetable in 2 cups of water.  Drink the concoction at least 30 minutes before each meal twice a day to generate desired results.
  • Peppermint and Honey – Mixture of honey and peppermint becomes an effective antacid without the side effects of manufactured drugs.  It also promotes digestion and prevent constipation by providing a soothing sensation to bowel movement.
  • Ginger, Garlic and Common Salt – Making a paste from these three ingredients is said to be the best herbal remedy to dispense of gas problems.  The paste, like the other herbal remedies decreases the acidity in the stomach and promotes the proper digestion.

Going herbal is always a better alternative especially in the treatment of hyperacidity as they have no known side effects, aside from the offering an effective remedy for related digestive problems.

Wheatgrass The Superfood

Wheat grass as a super food loaded with vitamins and minerals could be used to treat numerous ailments and disorders.

wheat grass

Wheat grass is enjoying greater popularity recently because of the many claims of its ability to heal or prevent many illnesses and disorders. Many health conscious individuals value wheatgrass for being a very good and natural source of nutrients.  In its juice form, it is made up of 70% chlorophyll which for plants is the equivalent of blood in animals and human.  Touted as a super food, it is a concentrated source of nutrients that include vitamin A, C E, K and B-complex, calcium, iron, magnesium and 17 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Even if there is not enough scientific evidence yet to support the claims, many attest to the effectiveness of wheat grass for the following:

  • It is believed to increase hemoglobin production so it is good for related ailments involving red blood cells or the oxygen carrying cell in the blood.  It is also being used to control blood sugar for people with diabetes.  With blood and circulatory function related ailments, wheatgrass could also regulate the blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels by effectively blocking the absorption of which.
  • Wheatgrass works also in the liver and improves their functions.  It could remove toxins from the liver and the blood including harmful deposits from drugs or from heavy metal contaminants that we had been exposed to especially if we live in a city where air pollution is high.  It has also an anti-oxidant and works by removing the cancer-causing elements that got into our system.
  • As a diuretic, it promotes the health of the kidneys, the bladder and the urinary tract.  It is being used for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy as well as in the reduction or elimination of kidney stones.
  • Because of its anti-inflammatory capabilities, it is also good for arthritis, ulcerative colitis, gout and joint pains.  While it also acts on the treatment of some respiratory ailments such as cough and colds, fever, sore throat and bronchitis.  Its ability to fight off bacterial infections make it also good for wound healing and in the treatment of chronic skin problems and in general, strengthens the immune system to fight off infections.

Due to its fibrous nature, it is indigestible by humans and must be liquefied before it can be consumed by human.  Wheatgrass could be taken in juice form should you prefer to grow it organically in your own garden or could be purchased in most herbal stores either in tablet or powder form.

Try wheat grass juice not just for its therapeutic claims but also because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals thats good for your overall health.

Benefits of the Herb Skullcap

Skullcap or Scutellaria lateriflora is from the genus Scutellatia which includes 300 different species. It is easy to recognize as it has tiny, almost bluish purple flowers with two lobes that looks like the skullcaps worn during the medieval times, thus it’s name. This herbaceous plant grows perennially and abundantly in swamplands or marshlands in many parts of the world thus it is also known by many names which includes hoodwort, madweed, helmet flower, mad dog, etc.

Skullcap Health Benefits

Skullcap has many health benefits including being antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, sedative, etc thus it is not unusual that there is a long list of ailments and disorders that this herb could cure.
• Inflammatory properties of skullcap makes it a good remedy for inflammation of the joints due to arthritis. It effectively reduce the swelling and relieves the pain.
• As a sedative, it eases nervous tension by providing a soothing and calming effect. It is good for related conditions like panic or anxiety attacks, stress and stress headaches, depression and even insomnia. It is also used for the treatment of some neurological illnesses like epilepsy and convulsions, hysteria and delirium.
• Skullcap herb is also a good alternative treatment for some respiratory ailments such as common colds and bronchitis and throat infections. It’s antihistamine properties allows it to remedy asthma attacks and allergic reactions. It reduces the mucus congestion and is a very good remedy especially for dry coughs. Its ability to lower body temperature makes it a good remedy for fevers.
• The antibacterial properties on the other hand could treat varied skin infections and even urinary infections as it is also diuretic which also makes it good in promoting bile flow and a healthy liver.
• For those who suffer intense pain due to premenstrual syndrome, skullcap is known to be a good remedy for relieving pain related to menstrual cramps. The emmenagogue properties of this herb promotes female reproductive health as it promotes menstrual discharge. However, because of this, it is not good for pregnant woman.

Possible Side Effects

As a natural herb supplement, skullcap is safe however for those who use it as a dietary supplement, beware of excess as anything in taken more than the usual dosage is likely to cause adverse effects. Some of the potential side effects from overdose of skullcap includes drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, dizziness and even seizure. It could also cause allergic reaction that could manifests as any or all of the following: hives, skin rash, swelling or allergic inflammation especially in the mouth or the more serious breathing difficulties.

Skullcap has plenty benefits addressing various ailments however it must not be abused. It is often available as skullcap tea, in capsule, tincture and in liquid extracts.

Schizandra in TCM

Adaptogenic herbs like Schisandra assists the body in adjusting to stress.  Being widely used in China, this herb is also good in strengthening the immune system, boosting energy levels and maximizing performance.  With the scientific name Schisandra chinensis from  the Magnoliaceae family, this woody vine climber is a rare ornamental plant in the West because of its bright green leaves and its brilliant scarlet berries it produces during fall season.  However, it is a popular medicinal herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM because of its properties as an anti-inflammatory herb and a powerful antioxidant.

Five Flavors

In Chinese, schisandra is wu-wei-zi translated as five taste fruits because of its varied flavors which are sour, sweet, bitter, warm, and salty taste which is interpreted to have balanced virtue in TCM.  Relying on the different flavors in the treatment of ailments and disorders, the different flavors in TCM corresponds to the following:

    • Sour taste is usually used as an astringent or anything that involves drying
    • Sweet is usually for alleviating pain.
    • Bitter tasting herbs is to harden and dry tissue.
    • Salty flavor is for softening hard lumps like cyst and tumors.
    • Acrid(pungent or hot) taste is used for expelling cold.

Basically, Schisandra is used to treat coughs and colds because of its action in the respiratory and immune system.  However it has also male tonic properties just like the ginseng herb,

Schisandra Juice

Schisandra could be prepared in variety of ways including herbal decoctions, as extracts or as capsule.  It could also be prepared as a fruit juice by soaking for one day half cup of dried Schisandra berries in one gallon of any dark fruit juice.  Strain the berries and sweeten with sugar or honey plus garnish with lemon slices and it could be served hot or cold for a tasty and tonic juice drink.

For cough:

Mix one part powdered Schisandra and 2 arts powdered poppy seeds and roll them in honey for a cough medicine.  Take note that these poppy seeds are not the same as the opium poppy and they are a mild sedative but not addictive and are good for suppressing cough.

Schisandra Tincture

To make a tincture, an ounce of dried schisandra fruit must be combined with 9 oz 90 proof vodka in a clean glass jar and must be stored in a cool dark place for about 4-6 weeks shaking every now and then to remix the contents.  After about a month or so, press the remaining liquid from the fruit and strain.  Transfer into an amber glass dropper bottle.  This tincture could be used as a mild sedative and to  relieve stress, anxiety or just to generally calm the nerves with a starting dosage of about 10-20 drops three times a day.

To make it kid friendly, use one part the berries and soak it on  4 parts liquid vegetable glycerine instead.  It is as potent as the tincture but has a sweet taste making it delicious for children.

Side effects

Schisandra is known to be relatively safe except for some people who might have gastrointestinal upsets.  As a precaution, ingest in small doses first to check out its effect.

Schisandra is one of the helpful herbs in TCM so why not try it out and see its effect on your health especially in relieving stress.

Natural Remedies For Sinusitus

Sinusitis is one of the ailments that you will wish you never had.  The inconvenience of blocked nasal passages which results to headache and other related symptoms is something that you would not want to be experiencing often.  Yet, sinusitis could be triggered by almost anything thus it is one of the hardest ailments to live with.  If in the past, you are used to reaching out for nasal sprays and medicines that offer either temporary or almost no relief at all, maybe it’s time to check out alternative natural remedies that could do the work that has been promised by most over the counter drugs.

Different Natural Methods for Sinusitis Relief


One of the most common remedies for sinus problems is through clearing the blocked nasal passages through the steam method.  Try to clear out first your nose removing as much as the blocking as possible.  In a small pot, heat water and take it out of the fire after it has completely boiled.  add a few drops of either peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil or sometimes if you can’t hold of either essential oil, Vicks vaporub would do.  Get a towel or a small blanket that is big enough to cover your head and build a sort of tent over the pot.  Inhale the vapors that comes up from the steam.  Continue inhaling until there is no more steam coming out from the mixture.

Salt water Solution

Another popular remedy is a saline solution sinus rinse that has been attested by many to be beneficial.  To take advantage of this method, get a small netipot and mix three parts non iodized salt and one part baking soda in a half cup of warm water.  Bend over the sink and insert the spout of the pot in the right nostril while bending to the left.  This will make the solution flow into your right nostril and out of the left.  Do the same for the other nostril to complete the process stopping and exhaling deeply in between.  Daily routine of saline cleansing will greatly help clear your blocked sinus passages.

Garlic Juice

The smell of garlic would be enough to discourage you to try this method but if you really want to try one of the best natural treatment for your sinus infection, this is the better way because of the garlic’s potent ability to fight off bacterial and viral infections.  Crush the whole garlic bulb to extract garlic juice.  Mix in 2 parts amount of water and store in a jar.  Get an eye dropper and take a few drops of the mixture.  Lie flat on your back and make sure that your nose is clear.  Put about two drops in both nostril with about 2 minutes interval in between application.  Doing this 2-3 times a day is effective in draining your sinuses and preventing blockages.  Although if you can’t take this process, you could also just eat one clove of fresh garlic as a substitute.

Alternatively, you can also go for a diet that is rich in vitamin C to improve your immune system and treat your sinus problem naturally or you can go for herbal tea or a massage which constitute of pressing the small depression in your neck just below the skull.  Pressing this points as deep as you can and rubbing them for about two minutes at anytime throughout the day helps relieve the congestion.

Trying these natural remedies for relief of the irritating sinusitis problem must not replace consulting your doctor though.

Benefits of Alfala

The benefits of Alfala herb starts with being a very rich source of the essentail vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs for overall health.

One of the main advantages of the plant Alfala is its very long roots that stretches down more than twenty feet into the ground which allows it to reach minerals that could be found beyond the surface.  Alfala or ‘father of plants’ in Arabic contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential to the general body health most especially for bone growth and for strength.  The Chinese, having recognized the potential of this plant for as early as sixth century reveres it as the richest land source of trace minerals.  Usually taken in either seed, leaves or tablets form, this herb is rich in proteins and vitamins A, B1 and B6, C, E and K plus a healthy dose of carotene, zinc, iron, calcium and potassium.

Benefits of Alfala

Aside from the essential vitamins and minerals in alfala, here are other ways that alfala prove to be beneficial to one’s health.

  • As it has the ability to lower down cholesterol levels, it also has the potential of preventing the occurrence of strokes.
  • Alfala carries the ability to cleanse the blood, the liver and digestive system.  It makes it especially effective to people suffering from diabetes and a good remedy for arthritis.
  • It is found out to treat aut0-immunedisorder and nourishes the different bodily systems including the skeletal, digestive, glandular and urinary systems.
  • It effectively treats kidney related diseases because of its cleansing action and it relieves swelling and fluid retention that is usually associated with kidney problems.

Caution for Side Effects

As with many things, moderation is the key.  Anything that is in excess might prove to be unhealthy.  Care must be exercised in over consumption of alfala as it might lead to breakdown of red blood cells which is a rather serious condition.  An amino acid found in this plant – canavanine – is also not recommended for pregnant women and for individuals suffering from lupus as it has the potential to aggravate the disease.  However, canavanine is only found in seeds and sprouts and not in the mature leaves so tea made from leaves are free from this amino acid.  Although to be sure, avoid this plant under these conditions.

This plant is a rich source of vital nutrients and could be used to remedy for a host of medical conditions but care must be exercised in administering dosage to maximize its health benefits of alfala and minimize its potential adverse reactions.

Acupuncture: Your Way to Quit Smoking

One of the traditional types of treatment of the Chinese includes the use of needles or what is more commonly known as acupuncture. The benefits of this type of medical procedure lie in the stimulation of particles of the human body to achieve the desired effect or condition. This type of treatment has been said to be effective in a number of ailments. It has been used to alleviate pain, cure osteoarthritis and even increase the fertility of a woman. However, this practice has been being used nowadays as an effective way to quit smoking.

If you have decided to stop smoking, you might be interested in trying this one out as many have reported achieving positive results through this procedure. However, carefully read through these steps to ensure that you are doing things right which will result to better results in utilizing this practice.

1. Find yourself a licensed acupuncture practitioner

You could look for a friend who has gone through the same procedure to help provide you an idea about the treatment as well as refer you to a licensed acupuncturist who will perform your treatment. If you can’t find someone who can suggest someone, you could proceed to some acupuncture centers like the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). The important thing is to find the proper person to conduct this practice on you who could assist you with your required treatment. Don’t forget also to ask your chosen acupuncturist for references of his previous case before undergoing the treatment.

2. Know and prepare for the treatment

Learn the basics of acupuncture. Basically, it’s about inserting needles in some parts of your body. The important thing about this is that this practice is safe as long as the needles used are safe.

Piercing your body parts, usually in the ears, with the needle is not painful. Moreover, some even found the method relaxing. Successful acupuncture treatments could minimize the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking as well as inhibit the urge to light a smoke.

Some other people combined this treatment with hypnosis for a better outcome.

Your acupuncturist will also conduct background investigation regarding your lifestyle, behavior and your overall health. He may have to ask you plenty of questions regarding these topics. This is to aid him make an assessment of the general picture of your health. He will then be able to tell you the duration of your treatment session as well as the expected output per time frame. If your acupuncturist is good, he will also be able to report to you the evaluation of your progress in relation to the overall treatment.

3. Know the cost

The price of an acupuncture treatment could differ. However, some integrate this practice with their fitness program. If you have issues with cost, you can check with your insurance about this specific treatment. There is also an alternative to acupuncture that is being offered these days. Instead of needles, it utilizes laser but the basic concept is the same. A low level laser targets and stimulates your body points.