Benefits of Green Tea

On top of being an antioxidant, here are some new studies on the benefits of drinking green tea.

If you are serious in living a healthy life, eating the well balanced diet, religiously following your exercise regimen and avoiding everything that is essentially not good for health is not complete.  There is still one thing that you need to complete your entire formula of healthy living and it is including drinking your daily dose of green tea to your daily habit.

Green tea has been acknowledged by many as one of the world’s healthiest beverages as the benefits of green tea could go on and on.  On top of all them is the antioxidant capacity of this healthy tea that prevents and even fights off the onset of cancer.  In these time when the big C is an emotionally draining and not to mention an expensive disease, there is always a growing awareness to watch out for the potential causes of cancer and fight it off right then and there.  Green tea has been on top of the healthy drinks that fight off the free radicals in our body and thus prevent cancer.

But more than being an antioxidant, there are some research that are being done which looked into other unknown benefits of green tea, which in the long run could really prove beneficial to out over all health. Here are some of them:

New Benefits of Green Tea

Prevention of Stroke

A study in 2009 has found out that regularly drinking green tea daily has the potential to significantly lower the risk of stroke, which is the number 3 cause of death in the US.  An astonishing 21% decrease in stroke risk has been observed in nine studies with a total of 195,000 observed respondents.  This is the result with drinking 3 cups of green tea a day.  But adding another 3 cups to the daily intake further lowered down the risk of stroke by another 21%.

Brain Power

There are many studies that reported deterioration of brain power is normal as a person ages.  It is attributed to failure of brain cells to regenerate.  However, a look at 1,003 Japanese who are more than 70 years old in a 2006 study found out that those who drink more green tea showed signs of lesser instances of decrease brain function.  The study revealed that those who drink green tea at least six times weekly have a 38% lesser chance of cognitive impairment than those who have only drink green tea three times a week.

Healthy Gums

Previous studies also reported the importance of healthy teeth and gums to a person’s general health.  Green tea has also made its benefits known even to periodontal health as revealed in a 2009 study of 940 men.  The regular green tea drinkers were found to have healthier gums than those who don’t.  Thus, sipping green tea lowers down your chances to having periodontal disease.

So drink up your green tea and enjoy its plenty of health benefits.